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Eretic Slope V2 Snow Scooter

Eretic Slope V2 Snow Scooter

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The Eretic Slope V2 looks basically the same as the V1 production, but many important design improvements make it one of the best Snow Scooters to ever hit the slopes.

The deck, which is now 10mm/0.39" wider, 10mm/0.39" longer, includes pins instead of the rubber griptape, (which is one of the big feeling improvement).
The fork looks the same, but it is reinforced.
The bar is now 20mm/0.79" higher, and 20mm/0.79" wider.

But the biggest improvement is on the skis. They look similar, but are now produced with better material, and the dimensions were changed a little bit to gain more stability. But the main change is the ability to carve on the snow. The V2 results in way less drift and way more carving feeling to fight loss of speed.
The skis are also stronger than the previous version.

The Snow Scoot also includes an better leash, and a short, specifically designed allen key for easy installation and maintenance of the skis.

 Ontario + Quebec Approved Ski Resorts


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