Canada's Finest

Cameron McRobbie - Welcome to North 

Once again we have a video from the one and only Cameron McRobbie.  Cam filmed his welcome to North part and as usual the man straight killed it. The opening clip of him shoveling snow hits close to home for all of us Canadians and shows just how dedicated to putting in work he is. One of the most well rounded riders out there never dissapoints. Share this one around 

Jordan Stanley 

Jordan has been working on this part for quite some time now and it was easily worth the wait. His style and trick selection are the type that cannot be learned. You simply have it or you don't. We are proud to have him riding on our team and we have big plans in the near future! 

Lost Canadian Tapes 

This one goes back to December but it is being slept on way too hard. In the words of Josh ClitCommander Tapscott himself "We had a camera for about a month tried to film some stuff... Someone broke the camera so filming was cut short.... So here’s a month of 2017..."

Toronto Strike Mix

Last semester, 24 colleges across all of Ontario went on strike. At this point in time, the boys went to WORK. Mitch Stevens, Cameron McRobbie & Ethan Kirk put in time to complete a full part together while the strike was on and the end results is worth the loss in education time. 


Cameron McRobbie 2017

Cameron McRobbie is easily one of the most underated riders in the game. The man can absolutely man handle massive handrails, hit the clean trick in trick out combos and pull out some of the most unique and innovative tricks out there. Do not sleep on this one, put your phone down, forget about the "chill clips from last night" and take in the hours this man put into this masterpiece!